Since its founding in 2010 by a group of visionary social work leaders, The Helen Rehr Center can boast a number of accomp-lishments including two publica-tions on social work practice, the sponsorship of timely colloquia and the ground breaking Gerontological Social Work Practice Fellows supervisor training program (GSWPF). For the past three years Board Chairman Christopher Oates has led these efforts. He was succeeded as Board Chair by Maureen Benej and Susan Matorin who serve as Co-Chairs.

Looking forward, the Center is now a Continuing Education Provider and will expand its training programs for social workers in community based settings providing services to adults, children, and families. The Center will also undertake other activities that support best practices.

Priscilla Liriano, Karisma Ajodha & Carolyn Hutson
Joining us in these efforts are three new board members pictured here left to right: Priscilla Liriano, Carolyn Hutson, and Karisman Ajodah.

The support of individuals and foundations is essential to our work. Please donate whatever amount you can to further the Center mission of enhancing social work practice.